The Best Strategies for Leading by Example

May 14, 2024 | Blog

Taking responsibility, listening to your team, and knowing the ins and outs of your business can provide great benefits. Here’s how you can become a successful, ethical leader.

The best and most effective way to approach a leadership role is to understand it as setting a positive example that should be followed.

Such an approach will build trust and the right kind of authority, as opposed to a boss that orders people around, imposing different rules for themselves and the rest of the staff.

However, it’s not enough to decide on leading by example – you need to know how to do it right.

This article will show you several most effective strategies to achieve just that.

Strategy #1. Get Involved in the Work

A common mistake that business owners, CEOs, and managers make is distancing themselves from the work process. Of course, a leader’s main job isn’t to be always hands-on. But neither is it to be out of touch.

Bear in mind that work processes and tasks are at your company’s core. And to manage them properly, you’ll need to know every crucial aspect of the job and thoroughly understand what goes into it.

Additionally, workplace morale can significantly influence work efficiency. And one of the ways to boost it is to have the company’s leadership show up in the frontlines.

Strategy #2. Pay Attention to Your Team

When managing a team, it’s easy to forget about its members’ creative input. The fact is that the people you work with can provide useful insight and know more than you about certain work aspects.

A successful leader will make a habit out of listening for ideas and suggestions, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute to the business. This is especially important if there are experts with plenty of skill and experience among your employees, but even the newest members should have a voice in the collective.

Besides the practical benefits, paying attention and considering your team’s suggestions will make your people feel appreciated and set a great example for communication within the company.

Strategy #3. Take Responsibility

A vital part of leading by example is assuming responsibility for everything your decisions and actions influence.

It’s not always an easy route to take, but it could lead to the best possible results. After all, as a leader, you’d expect everyone in your team to do the same and those expectations work the other way around.

People quickly lose trust in leaders that transfer the blame to others, which can be very detrimental to the workplace dynamic.

If you don’t own your mistakes, you’re sending a negative message to your employees. Not only will they fear taking the blame for your shortcomings, but they might try and pass the responsibility further down the chain of command.

Leadership Through Ethics and Respect

Leading by example means you need to embody the best principles and work ethics in your company. It also means spreading that influence to the people working with you.

Certainly, other approaches can work for a while. However, understanding, respecting, and paying attention to your employees is the ultimate way to create a functional and long-lasting company whose loyal and inspired team will lead it to success.

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