About us

As a firm, delivering insight is the best way to look after a client. Whether that means finding a pathway for growth or spotting a hole in a business’s funds, we always look for the detail in the numbers.

Our founder, Chris Metcalf, created the firm to open businesses’ eyes to their potential. Whether that’s through acting as an outsourced financial director, creating insight reports, or forecasting, we have streamlined our processes to encourage bravery in our clients – to do more, work smarter and grow quicker.

We want to work with anyone with growth on their mind, with ideas about improving their business, or problems they can’t solve solo.

Why should you waste time talking to your accountant if you just need your accounts done? Because now that cloud tech – we exclusively use Xero – can do all the number-crunching, your time is freed up to talk to us, and ours is free to talk to you.

Sustainability at our hearts

In a world full of disposable mindsets, we look to create a sustainable practice. We believe longevity is the hallmark of a thriving environment. May that be in our office or the world around us.

To do that, we operate sustainable business practices. Together, we can work towards a brighter future for all. Think sustainability..


Routine number crunching made simple and effective.


Having a great set of books makes running your business easier.

Cloud accounting & Xero

We’ll help you keep all your financial records in the cloud.

Opportunities & vacancies

We’re always on the lookout for the future talent of accountancy.
If you believe in a sustainable way of providing the best support possible for a client, look through our vacancies page.

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Growth on your mind? Let’s talk

We’ll chat about your business, your future, and your aspirations. And then we’ll help you get there.