R&D tax relief

If you’re creating a new product or service, researching in science or technology to make a new advancement or running trials to discover a new process, you might qualify for R&D tax relief and not even realise it.

If you’re successful, you can claim a portion of qualifying R&D costs, including employee costs, materials and software.But before you make your claim, know that R&D tax relief is a complex topic, with many rules restricting what does and doesn’t count as R&D.

It’s also only available to companies that seek to make an advancement in science or technology, and the project must solve an uncertainty. It must also involve a systematic approach, as well as qualified personnel on the project — and those are only a couple of the rules!

With all the ins and outs, it’s difficult to make a successful claim. So, rather than wasting your time with one that HMRC might reject, enlist the professionals to boost your chances of success.

We’ve been in the world of R&D tax relief for a while now and know what separates a good claim that HMRC will partially refund you on and a great one that will give your company the biggest tax rebate possible. We’ll ensure your eligibility and write your claim so you can focus on the project itself.

Meanwhile, we can advise you on R&D tax relief schemes, and review your previous claims to ensure they’re accurate, complete and go as far as they can. We’ll tailor everything to your needs so you get the most out of our R&D tax relief service as possible.

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