Funding Options

Mar 22, 2023 | Blog

Funding Options connects to 120+ lenders to help provide your business with the finance and support it needs. They can help obtain finance from £1,000 to £15m.


They provide:

  • Business loans

  • Invoice finance

  • Asset finance

  • Property finance

  • Commercial mortgages

  • Working capital

  • Business cards

We have an account with Funding Options so we can liaise with them directly and provide them the information they need from your business to give you the best rates and options suitable for your business development and growth.


Lenders will need the latest set of accounts, and more commonly we are being asked to provide management accounts to the latest quarter end.


Depending on the reason for the loan some lenders may want to see a forecast for your business.


We can generate this information to ensure you obtain the finance you need to push your business forward.


If you need any help obtaining finance, or getting together the information you need to support your proposal for finance then please contact us here.

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