Escaping the Sleaze – Four Sales Techniques That Don’t Leave You Feeling Like A Used Car Salesman

Oct 11, 2023 | Blog

Have you ever felt like your prospects couldn’t connect with you? You could be using the wrong sales approach.

Is there anything sleazier than the proverbial used car salesman? Despite the bad reputation, many of them are actually quite harmless.

But in the business world, applying the same sales techniques that are negatively associated with them is rarely a good idea.

There are ways to get results and satisfy customers while still feeling better about yourself.

Solve a Problem

Shoppers want a solution to a problem. By the same token, any service and product should help solve a specific problem.

As such, salespeople may be more effective if they can present themselves as problem solvers. They should identify the prospect’s problem and offer a clear solution.

Develop a Relationship

Ever heard of the personal close? It’s a sales concept that puts relationships first.

Some customers don’t walk into a sales negotiation with the intent to buy. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t change their minds.

The problem is that not all salespeople realise this.

A natural sleazy response is to push people into buying. When dealing with indecisive customers, some salespeople try to force them into buying. But that’s not the way to go.

A better approach is to develop a good and trusting relationship.

Focus more on finding out what the customers really want. When ready, they won’t hesitate to buy, especially from someone who invested time into creating a working relationship.

Use the Open-Ended Close

It’s one of the coolest psychological tricks that a salesperson can use with prospects.

The idea is to ask a prospect if they feel like they need the product or service.

A positive answer almost always leads to a guaranteed sale. However, indecision or even a negative response can provide a way to learn more. It offers an opportunity to dig deeper into the prospect’s reasons, concerns, and needs.

The reason the open-ended close works is because it doesn’t put people on the defensive.

Emphasise Clarity

One of the dirtiest moves in a used car salesman’s toolkit is to confuse prospects. Using vague language, throwing around numbers, and shifting between topics are some of the oldest tricks in the book.

If you don’t want to look like you’re selling snake oil, it’s important to use transparent language. Prospects appreciate honesty when contemplating buying something.

It’s also worth noting that it’s impossible to develop a relationship when using confusing language or misleading prospects.

Putting the Prospects First

The key to becoming an effective and likeable salesperson is to put the prospect’s interests first. It’s always critical to give the appearance of trying to help solve a problem, instead of simply selling a product or a service.

Professionals versed in sales psychology know this better than most people. That’s why some of them have no problem selling anything to anyone.

It’s also important to build relationships and a good reputation. Sales may be a numbers game, but the quality of the sale can be as or more important than the quantity.

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