Developing a Marketing Landing Page – The Five Elements You Must Include

Oct 3, 2023 | Blog

First impressions are crucial in business. A great landing page can help you impress your customers right off the bat, only if it has these essential elements.

Your landing page has a single vital function: lead conversion. Regardless of the ads, email and messaging campaigns, or social media engagement, all your marketing efforts will be in vain if your potential customers land on an unattractive page.

Paying attention to these five critical elements of a remarkable landing page will create an excellent impression with your clients and help your business grow.

Element #1. A Strong Headline

It might seem that most people pay no attention to them, but headlines are essential as they communicate plenty of information about your business.

Notice how your headline sounds and what it communicates. The main point it should state is your offer, why it’s the best option, and what exactly your service entails. The challenge is to make that statement in as few words as possible and deliver it in a specific tone.

A good headline will serve as a hook, but a bad one might immediately distract a potential customer and create a negative attitude with them.

Always avoid sounding too salesy or superficial. Instead, get to the point right away and keep the message clear.

Element #2. Interesting Imagery

People today have a particular aversion towards walls of text – they’re likely to stay away from landing pages featuring them. This makes visual media the ideal way to present your customers with exciting content.

Keeping your imagery in tone with the copy and your target audience’s profile is crucial.

Ideally, the images or videos should complement the text rather than being just eye candy. Knowing your audience will be vital in deciding what kind of imagery you’ll use and how literally it will illustrate the text.

Element #3. Great Copy

Naturally, your copy will be the heart of the landing page. As such, it needs to be clear and to the point, going along with the overall themes, messaging, and tone.

The copy should present your offer and its benefits, spark the customer’s curiosity, and explain why your service is the best choice for them.

Element #4. Reliable Testimonials

Testimonials and social proof are often the deciding factors when customers evaluate your offer.

It’s best to use quotes from real people and show photos if possible. You could also provide some video testimonials, but bear in mind those should be short and concise.

If you have positive scores on review sites, make sure those are displayed on the landing page as well.

Finally, case studies could be an excellent resource for those looking for detailed information. But don’t rely on most customers reading them.

Element #5. An Enticing CTA

Typically presented as a single button, a CTA might seem less significant. However, there’s ample proof that a great CTA in your landing page can immensely help your lead conversion.

You shouldn’t disregard the button design or the text inside it. Much like the headline, your CTA should clearly relay vital information and leave a strong impression. You’re expecting customers to click on the button, so it should be as inviting as possible.

Great Landing Pages Lead to More Sales

Every element of your landing page should be geared towards converting leads and generating sales. Do it right and your site will become the primary driving force for profit.

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