5 Ways to Boost Staff Productivity Whilst Maintaining Morale

Nov 5, 2023 | Blog

Increasing staff productivity is an effective way to boost profits for your business because it essentially means that you get more for your money. However, pushing your staff too hard can have the opposite effect and result in declining morale, which has serious knock-on effects for the rest of your business. A study by Oxford University found that happy workers are 13% more productive, so here are five ways to make your staff do more whilst keeping their wellbeing in mind.

What Makes a Good Company Culture?

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at what makes a positive company culture. According to the Harvard Business Review, it should consist of the following:

  • Plenty of available support for staff
  • An inspiring environment
  • Recognition for the value of each employee’s work
  • Respect
  • Being able to trust senior staff
  • Forgiving mistakes rather than penalising them, and using them as a learning opportunity
  • Transparency

With this in mind, here are five ways to boost staff productivity whilst maintaining morale.

1) Ensure Your Staff Have the Right Tools

The easier you can make life for your staff, the more productive they will be. Equipping your team with the right tools allows them to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, speeding up workflow and decreasing stress.

Productivity tools help to streamline workflows, whilst collaborative software ensures seamless communication and reduces time wasted sending emails back and forth. Although this may require you to spend more on subscriptions, the right programs will generate a great ROI.

2) Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

Businesses who put employee wellness first see increased productivity and reduced turnover rates. It’s a win for both parties.

A white paper by Employee Benefits found that a sense of wellbeing amongst employees resulted in 31% higher productivity rates and 59% greater loyalty. A study by Deloitte had similar findings, showing that 60% of employers believed that employee wellbeing initiatives had a positive impact on employee retention, engagement and productivity.

Ways to foster employee wellbeing include:

  • Physical activity initiatives
  • Ensuring you have necessities on site, such as tea, coffee and bread
  • Encouraging staff to take regular breaks and maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Organising social groups or bonding events

3) Positive Reinforcement

Showing appreciation for your employees is an important part of motivating them and fostering a positive company culture. Set clear goals for staff and celebrate them for their achievements. Recognise and reward employees that go above and beyond. This not only prevents high-performing employees from becoming complacent, it also motivates other members of staff to follow their lead.

4) Listen

You can learn a lot by listening. Research by CultureHQ found that 86% of employees feel that leaders who listen are an important part of a positive company culture. Not only does this allow you to anticipate and quickly solve problems, it also encourages a stronger work ethic and cultivates staff loyalty. On top of this, listening to your staff gives you a useful insight into the day-to-day workings of your business.

5) Offer Flexibility

The covid-19 pandemic has proved that your staff are capable of working well from home, so be sure to continue to give them flexible working options as the world opens up again. Research by the Harvard Business Review found that employees tend to interpret flexible working as a signal of trust and respect from their manager, so this is a great way to make your staff feel appreciated.


A strong company culture is key to boosting staff productivity. Listening to your staff, caring for their wellbeing and equipping them with the tools they need lays the foundation for their success. A happy team is a productive team, so keep the big picture in mind and work hard to make sure your staff feel seen, heard and valued.

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